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It was early morning and he was having breakfast with his extended family, 14 people in all. Nam’s family thought it would be like before; they’d be gathered and interviewed and then let go. When the heat grew unbearable, Nam ran out the door and hid in a ditch as his village burned. They killed some civilians straight off—shooting them point blank or tossing grenades into their homes.

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At age 28, Dillard became the youngest American woman to win the Pulitzer Prize, which she was awarded for her collection of essays Pilgrim at Tinker Creek (1974). Willie Nelson’s sound and his look revolutionized country music, making him one of that genre’s most recognizable faces, and if his winning personality weren’t enough reason to like him, then his good-natured struggles with the IRS would be.

When he was 21, Mossman left home and moved to Mexico, where he quickly began proving himself...