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This was pointed out by Olwen Williams-Thorpe and others some years ago. Even if it is a quarried surface, its relevance to Stonehenge is questionable, because the bluestones were erected there about 4000 years ago. Dating gives clue to Stonehenge riddle, British Archaeology 1 (February). Thus, even if it is considered that the bluestones were moved by human transport, the Chlorine-36 dates do not tell us at what era that movement might have taken place. Chlorine-36 dating British ice-sheets, Abstracts of the American Geophysics Union, 1994 Fall Meeting: 226. Don't let children pull you away from him, in fact, if he's really into his children, that's good character on his part. Do you love him, does he love you, do you get along with the children, is he steady headed, why is he divorced?

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We can ask questions from now until eternity, but what I hear you saying is that you are crazy about him. By entering this site you declare you are 18 or older, you read and agreed to its Terms, Rules & Privacy and you understand that your use of the site's content is made at your own risk and responsibility.Looks like a bit of Chilmark stone to me -- please correct me if I'm wrong. The date apparently came out as showing that the stone was first exposed to the atmosphere around 40,000 years ago.On that basis the good Professor says -- on the film -- that "there is no way that this rock could have been transported by glacier ice from Preseli to Stonehenge." He says that the last ice sheet that might have affected this area was in existence about 650,000 years ago -- goodness knows where he got that date from........I'm a bit confused, because there is another date (for the big sample in the picture? PLEASE will somebody do some sensible cosmogenic dating one day, to help us to understand what has gone on at Stonehenge? Bowen of the University of Wales, Cardiff and colleagues have dated a fragment of igneous rock reported as having been found at Stonehenge (exact type unknown, but not a spotted dolerite) at 14,000[ or -]1900 years, and surfaces of outcrops at Carn Menyn in Preseli at 5400[ or -]4[ or -]400 years (Bowen et al. This information has been interpreted as indicating that the bluestones of Stonehenge could not have been transported to the site of Stonehenge by ice, because the ice sheets were extensive enough only at c.