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Nick* is moving away for work in a few months, right around the time I’ll be moving down to the city. Instead, I wander around the National Portrait Gallery by myself.

I go home for Thanksgiving and briefly entertain the idea of meeting up with a college ex to stroll through some museums, like we do every year.

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I re-download all the dating apps that used to be on my phone. I would nail that Most Hours Watched Netflix leaderboard.

Maybe I’m the one who’s not open to new things, who’s afraid of commitment, who only ever ends up liking guys who are unavailable, because guys who are available could lead to something real, and things that matter can be broken.

That you can never really be too friends with someone to be rejected by them and never recover the friendship. I go home to an empty apartment and the silence overwhelms me, catching me off-guard.CK Software made available through the App Gallery is licensed, not sold, to you. My friend Matt likes to say that there’s no point of no return. Nick and I have a conversation about how we should stay just friends.

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