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Join in through the small join button, not the big apartment buttons. Space = Snap to Grid Left Alt = Leave a duplicate of item F G H J K L rotate : P X C V B, Shift X and Shift C lift and lower the object R and T lock the object movement onto X or/and Z axis - Keybind "M" will drop your item to near island level, or beach level if clicked twice (Home 1) "N" for lifting up to he mountains. -Hold down one of the numbers 1-6 while opening your home to use a public zone scene instead! ) 1 = Fresco, 2 = Beach, 3 = Night Club, 4 = Love Island, 5 = Yacht, 6 = Sin Club, 7 = Saloon.Before that ou can read description of this game and see screenshots.If you like the genre Simulator, you can find other games of this genre on our site.- Freeze your character in Home Editor with the toggle button top left, directly underneath your character name.

Updated 30.6 - Furniture Snaps to Grid of 0,1 when holding down space Updated 29.6 - Furniture rotating works great again!

Unlike some adult MMOs there is no option to create your own web based social profile.