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It was the worst thing because it convinced me this writing thing was going to be really easy.

When I graduated from high school there was some concern I might not go to college because I already knew everything.

Anyway, I never wanted to be a ball player or any of these things, I wanted to be a writer.

I actually sat down in fourth grade to write a novel and made it through 26 pages before my hand gave out.

I asked people to pass it along to others if they liked it, and they did.

At its peak, the Cameron Column had 40,000 subscribers in 52 countries, if you count Texas as a country.

One of the main things I like about the following autobiography is that it’s not written posthumously. I never once tried to completely murder my sister; my aim was to kill her just a little.

Another attractive feature is that, because it is written by me, I’ve been able to take certain “artistic liberties” in order to make me seem more “good.” I was born in 1960 in Petoskey, MI. No jury would have convicted me once I showed them evidence she had stolen my baseball and left it out in the rain. Reviewing what I’ve just written, I’m concerned that I’m not coming off as well as I intended.

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Before long I was considered one of their most popular columnists, even more of a reader favorite than the woman who wrote about birds, though not as popular as the one who wrote about wine, oddly enough.

I was so talented that even the other team would cheer for me, and often both the offense and defense would leave the field, figuring it would be more entertaining for the crowd to just sit there and watch me run around. My date to senior prom was the cast of Charlie’s Angels, except of course for that Bosley guy, and probably also not Shelley Hack because that perfume commercial still haunts me to this day.

Dec 10, 2009. 8 Simple Rules For Dating My Teenage Daughter by W. Bruce Cameron; 1 edition; First published in 2001; Subjects Television, Humor, TV, Accessible book, Parent and teenager, In library, Parenting, Dating Social customs, Protected DAISY, Adolescence.… continue reading »

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Simple Rules originally 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter is an American sitcom which aired from September 17 2002 to April 15 2005. The show starred John Ritter, Katey Sagal, Kaley Cuoco, Amy Davidson, Martin Spanjers, James Garner, and David Spade. The show is now in syndication on ABC.… continue reading »

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Sep 13, 2003. Mr. Ritter became ill on the set of ''8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter,'' his current series on ABC, and died at a local hospital, Susan Wilcox, his assistant, said in an interview with The Associated Press. The cause was an aortic dissection, a break in the main artery that carries blood from the.… continue reading »

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Kyle is portrayed by Billy Aaron Brown. Billy was born in Clarinda, Iowa. He attended Clarinda High School, and moved to Los Angeles to become an actor at 18 just after graduating. Kyle is a recurring character in the show who spends most of the shows run as Bridget's boyfriend. He begins a.… continue reading »

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