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Their highest score when using just text features was 75.5%, testing on all the tweets by each author (with a train set of 3.3 million tweets and a test set of about 418,000 tweets). (2012) used SVMlight to classify gender on Nigerian twitter accounts, with tweets in English, with a minimum of 50 tweets.

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They used lexical features, and present a very good breakdown of various word types.

The age component of the system is described in (Nguyen et al. The authors apply logistic and linear regression on counts of token unigrams occurring at least 10 times in their corpus.

Many dating sites will allow you to post a regarding. BY SeeVideo 8008 Like in. My Husband Cheated On Me And I Want A Divorce; Married Life Violin Sheet.… continue reading »

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Feb 13, 2010 I just got proposed to a couple of days ago, I live in SoHo, Ny, and really want to get married and have the ceremony in Central Park. Is this legal? I really want to get married there!… continue reading »

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There are cougars in Lancaster. and know who they are and what they want. prowl" in today's dating pool. Online profiles of many young men.… continue reading »

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