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For information about common mistakes to avoid, see How can I avoid errors when submitting my app or add-in to App Source? Apps and add-ins may not open pop-up windows unless they are triggered by explicit user interaction.

Any pop-up windows that are triggered by user interaction must not be blocked by the browser's pop-up blocker when the pop-up blocker is set to the default value.

If, for example, your app or add-in requires a login/password, you must give Microsoft a pre-existing working login for testing purposes.

Your app experience must not prompt a user to disclose the credentials of a Microsoft identity (for example, Office 365 or Microsoft Azure Organizational Account, Microsoft Account, or Windows Domain Account) except through Microsoft approved OAuth flow, where your app is authorized to act on behalf of the user.

Failure to do so will make you responsible for refund liability towards your customers.

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If you update your app or add-in's pricing/licensing terms, you must continue to offer the original functionality to the existing customer base at the original pricing.Use of the term “free”, as in “free account”, is also not allowed.If the add-in requires an account, only free accounts can be created in the mobile version of the add-in.Your app or add-in's title, description, and images must reflect its functionality, and may not mislead the user.