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For four centuries the Palace was the political, administrative and cultural center of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.

In the 13th and 14th centuries there were stone structures within the palace site; some archeologists believe that a wooden palace stood there as well.

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The Upper Castle keep hall, on the second floor, was the largest hall (10 x 30 m) within the complex; it was a little smaller than the hall of the Grand Master's Palace (15 x 30 m) in Marienburg, and much larger than the hall at the Duke's Palace in Trakai Island Castle (10 x 21 m). The state had made plans to host the coronation of the proclaimed king Vytautas the Great in the castle, which were disrupted by his untimely death.

The Castle Complex was attacked by the Teutonic Order in 1365, 1375, 1377, 1383, 1390, 1392, 13, but was never completely taken.

The most damaging assaults were led by the Teutonic Order marshals Engelhard Rabe von Wildstein and Konrad von Wallenrode in 1390 during the Lithuanian Civil War (1389–1392) between Vytautas the Great and his cousin Jogaila.

The hill was strengthened with defensive wooden walls that were fortified with stone in the 9th century.

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Archaeological data shows that the site has been occupied since Neolithic times.Prior to the 13th century, its structures were built from wood.In the 13–14th centuries defensive walls, towers and gateways were built from stone; these were reorganized and expanded several times.After a major fire in 1419, Vytautas initiated a reconstruction of the Upper Castle, along with the fortification of other buildings in the complex.

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