Animated chatbots

16-Dec-2017 04:18

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What we love more than making videos is to inspire other businesses of its power.

Our Video Marketing Specialists would love to educate and inspire on the latest and greatest in Video Marketing, but of course, in a fun and simple way!

Apple recently launched an entire store just for apps meant to be used within its messaging app, i Message.

And Facebook earlier this year invited companies to design their own chat bots for its Messenger app, which help you shop or book travel plans.

We definitely won’t put your audience to sleep with our 30 minute presentation.

“If you aren’t using the PESO model for your communications work you will not have a job in 10 years.” These words come easy for the creator of the PESO model.

Together with our customers, we’ve been testing what works and what doesn’t.

Unfortunately, the goal is often much clearer than the path to it.

Apple hasn’t said how many stickers are currently available for i Message, but there are dozens upon dozens in the App Store already.