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19-Sep-2017 05:38

In 2007 she traveled on holiday to Dubai to visit her boyfriend.But when her parents learned of the trip, they flew to Dubai to intervene.But she does understand that small-c conservatives talking on Canadian talk radio shows she listens to over the internet do not support her quest for freedom.“I really do feel that a lot of conservatives, sometimes they blame me for my own situation, saying ‘you moved to Saudi Arabia, you didn’t have to go there in the first place,’” she says.“I’ll never leave Canada after I come back,” she says.Canadian government slow to act Quazi says that throughout her life she has been beaten and abused, and that her father has put a knife to her throat.

I’m just waiting for them to do something, waiting for something to happen. Citing privacy law, a spokesperson with the ministry of foreign affairs declined to comment specifically on Quazi’s case, but said the Canadian consulate in Saudi Arabia is aware of a Canadian citizen’s request for help and is “taking steps” to provide that help.

“Whatever he does, he doesn’t need his daughter’s permission; she doesn’t have to be there when he does certain things. And so, I’m here---I can’t move, I can’t travel, I can’t open a bank account, I can’t go to hospital. I don’t have my freedom, I can’t do anything, which basically sucks.

Mar 19, 2010. A Canadian woman being held against her will in Saudi Arabia says the Canadian government is not taking her plight seriously. Nazia Quazi was taken to Saudi Arabia by her father in November 2007. Because of that country's archaic gender laws, women of any age are subject to male “guardianship.… continue reading »

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Mar 25, 2013. Dual Saudi-British nationality. Dual nationality is not legally recognised in Saudi Arabia, which may limit the ability of officials to provide consular services. If you are a. The sponsor usually processes the Iqama within three months of the date of entry to Saudi Arabia. Any foreign citizen wishing to resign.… continue reading »

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