Back dating child tax credit

09-Apr-2017 09:09

(11 pages for a straight EIC audit, 22 for an EIC and head of household audit, they’re the same questions it’s just that 22 pages is more intimidating.)Here’s the scary part, you’re going to get the same paperwork.It is a little intimidating, but you’re expecting it.Because you’re the custodial parent, that is your child lives with you, you can answer those questions with no problem.People who shouldn’t be claiming your kids can’t answer the questions and that’s why you’ll win.

You’re not just solving a problem for one year, you’re preventing future problems as well. I don’t recommend doing that, but I also understand sometimes you need the cash now.

So with a standard deduction for MFJ and four exemptions, their adjusted gross income is reduced by ,800 to arrive at “taxable income” (Form 1040, line 43).

This is just one of the potential benefits of dependent children.

(Of course, if it’s your ex you’ll probably get an unfriendly phone call so you’ll know.) It’s scary how often it’s not the ex, though.

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Be sure to protect your child’s social security number. Don’t share the social security number with anyone. It’s hard enough being a kid, being a kid with a stolen identity is worse.

Once you’ve determined that you are in the right and that you are entitled to claim your child, then what you need to do is print out, sign and mail that rejected return to the IRS —keeping your child as your dependent on the tax return. They have to look at it and it’s going to throw whoever claimed your child into an audit.