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A ton of the skating coaches are alcoholics and cokeheads, especially the one's I trained with in Chicago. Used to practice with him, he's a really nice kid though. About 50% of other male skaters are also gay in real life.Figure Skating is a gay sport, like Basket ball is a black sport.Their current director is former Focus on the Family Canada (yes they are world wide).Skate Canada has also officially promotes 2 Evangelical Charities: World Vision Ministries and Serving n Mission.After competing at Nationals in Jan., 2011, they'd qualify for consideration to be placed in some of next year's Grand Prix events.Abbott himself fell twice and made little mistakes throughout his long program.Still, Chan was overmarked(first place) in the short despite being one of only two skaters that fell during their short program.

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Rudy Galindo = Good Guy, but was messed up on drugs. That tells you a lot about what it is like being around him and his parents.

Scott Hamilton, founder of the Stars on Ice skating shows, is a Born Again Christian and speaks on Pat Robertsons 700 Club.

The current Director of Communications for Skate Canada (Barb Mac Donald) does pro bono work for One Way Ministries.

THE GOOD GUYS: Brian Orser, Johnny Weir, Adam Rippon, Chris Mabee, Joey Russell, Michael Islam, Drew Meekins, David Wilson.

THE HAVE IMPROVED: Jeffrey Buttle, Jeremy Abbott, Tessa Virtue, Ashley Wagner, Dorthy Hamill THE NEUTRAL: Taylor Toth, Stephen Carriere, Jeremy Ten, Kevin Reynolds, Garret Gosselin, David Baden (only because he picked up Adam) Kim Yuna (only because she kept David W), Doug Leigh THE NOT SO GOOD: Evan Lysacek, Benoit Lavoie, PJ Kwong, Michelle Kwan, Patricia St. Patrick Chans parents are a big part of the problem.Timothy Goebbels was too, but his brain kicked in 3 years ago. He was the subject of a "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me" quiz recently. Patrick Chan also mocked Johnny Weirs costume at the 2010 Olympics.If Sasha Cohen was male, she would be Brian Boitano. Smuckers is a fundie company and major Republican party donor. The correct answer was that he had started a campaign to make Canadian male figure skating more butch. Skate Canada always grossly over scores Chan too, which makes him even worse.Chan may have landed a quad, though; I haven't read a detailed account of the event.