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Ten thousand years of history, hundreds of miles of pristine coastline, delectable cuisine and a renowned reputation for the hospitality of its people makes Cyprus a sought-after destination for the type of tourist that appreciates the great outdoors.

There are over 2,000 of these human and animal forms on display, each in amazingly good condition.

The museum also houses an ancient coin collection, various cross-shaped idols from the Chalcolithic period, gold jewelry and statues of gods and goddesses.

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They depict gods, goddesses, hunting scenes, and blessings of the home.Welcome to Chat Cyprus, the list of Chat Hour members in Cyprus.Chatters listed below are Chat Hour members who live in Cyprus. Unlike many online chat rooms, chatting on Chat Hour is fun and completely free of charge.Archaeological evidence has demonstrated that Cyprus has been inhabited since prehistory.

The Neolithic (8200-3800 BC) and Chalcolithic people (3800-2400 BC) of Cyprus left behind remnants of their everyday lives, which include simple single-room huts, stone tools and pottery.

These kingdoms had their own sovereign rulers, customs and coinage.