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If they do not live close to each other, creativity and flexibility will especially be needed in order to plan opportunities for their interaction and fellowship.As the friendship deepens, both parties are responsible to be open and honest with each other.A woman can defraud a man by the way that she dresses, talks, or acts.A man can defraud a woman by improper touching or by talking about a marital commitment that he is not able or intending to carry out.

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Understand the importance of the decision you are making regarding marriage, and establish commitments about your relationships prior to entering a courtship.

Family members will have a significant role in any marriage relationship, and their support throughout the years is an important component of a successful family.

It is human nature to strive harder to achieve a goal when we know someone will be checking up on us.

Ideally, the two families will communicate with each other to establish the best way to encourage and protect the couple with a plan for accountability.

Love should be the motivation for accountability, with a goal of supporting the couple’s decision to obey God and honor one another with their words and actions.Only when the woman’s father has given the man his blessing to enter into a courtship relationship with his daughter is the man free to focus on winning her affections.The husband, who is the head of the family, has unique responsibilities.Until you are ready for marriage, ask God to lead you in developing friendships with Godly men and women, but do not try to win the affections of those friends.

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