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16-Feb-2018 23:26

It's really hard to tell in what direction the show will go in...judging from the previews, it seems like Baron & Megan are the leads since they do the promote at the end of the clips. Yu You Tong (Megan Lai), a bridal make-up artist who became a credit card debtor to save her family's poorly run business - Tian Mi Mi Karaoke, is secretly in love with top idol star Fang Zi Hao (Lego Li).To pursue her idol, Yu You Tong caused a series of embarrassing incidents.Après la mort de ses parents, Ty rentre d'Irak où il était soldat pour s'occuper de son petit frère.Pour faire face aux factures, il accepte de travailler comme convoyeur de fonds pour la société qui employait son père.The rainbow among dreams, due to the watering of the water of life, shone brighter and brighter... I think I'm hearing Megan's voice in the song in the background in this preview I am also looking forward to this series!! The more previews I see, the more I want to see this.Translation: Sun Fan: Xiao Zhen, I think we can't go back to the past anymore. So many good series (well, suited for me series now!!! All the series are looking good in the idol drama time slot.

And then we came in the first day and it was worse then I ever expected it could be. I mean, after reading about it, like, all night in the textbook and everything like that, when you finally get to see it—I mean, all these things are very abstract, and you're trying to figure out, well, this goes here, and this goes there, that goes the other place—and then boom, it's in front of you; you can grab it, you can feel it.

Au dernier jour de sa période d'essai, Ty se voit proposer par Cochrane, son chef d'équipe, de voler les 42 millions de dollars qu'ils doivent bientôt transporter. Le jour J, le plan se déroule sans accrocs, jusqu'à ce qu'un imprévu fasse tout déraper..

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