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One of the best is the kilometers-long Arrecife Palancar (Palancar Reef), where stunning coral formations and a 'horseshoe' of coral heads offer some of the world's finest down-under - all at an amazing 70m (230ft) visibility.

Underwater photographers should come ready to shoot like mad.

Isla Cozumel, in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo, measures 53km (33mi) by 14km (9mi) and sits 71km (44mi) south of Cancun. Its waterfront boulevard is Avenida Rafael Melgar; along Melgar south of the main ferry dock (the 'Muelle Fiscal') is a narrow sand beach.

The main plaza, Plaza del Sol, is just opposite the dock.

Conceived as an instrument of ecological information and education, the Museum informs people, young and old, on the preservation of equilibrium and its fragile ecosystems.

It offers a geographic view of the history of Cozumel in four exhibit rooms: Services include: Bilingual guides, bookstore, library, restaurant with an ocean view, internet, restrooms and permanent and temporary exhibits of local and international artists.

The reefs are where it's at for prime scuba diving off this island.Isla Cozumel's only town is San Miguel de Cozumel, and it is where you'll find many restaurants, bars, hotels, tour agencies, banks and other amenities.It is well-equipped to deal with the global influx - you can chow down on food ranging from vegetarian to Mediterranean to local mesquite-grilled chicken.Be careful to leave the area no less pristine than it was before your arrival.