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Normally, in erotic situations, men don't lose their desire even though erections are harder to come by. The psychological factors disturbing potency, once thought to be 90% of sexual problems, are now considered to be less than half.

However, there are many factors that may inhibit sexual desire in both men and women. Inhibited sexual desire may result from marital problems, a deteriorating relationship, depression, stress, major life changes and the sexual revolution.

IFBB physique pro Jason Poston is busier than ever, representing the sport around the world and sharing the details of his training and life with his fans.

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If there's anything men fear more than heart disease, it's impotence. Impotence has physical causes more than half the time.

It is a common problem that can be as the inability maintain an erection. The most common causes are diabetes, which may decrease blood flow, hardening of the arteries, back or pelvic surgery, hormonal imbalances, high blood pressure, and drug (including alcohol) abuse.

If both partners are career oriented, their work problems may disrupt their sex life.

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These female bodybuilding women are certainly girls with muscles and muscle women.

Few gym-goers take the time to understand what testosterone is and why their "T" level might suddenly drop.

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