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02-May-2017 01:31

One of the benefits of the loner lifestyle is that we quickly learn to be independent and rather resourceful.We like handling our own business and rarely reach out for help, sometimes to a fault.Again, don’t hold it against us when we don’t always share our problems.Be patient, we’re not hiding anything, we’re just better at doing it ourselves. This is true with almost any relationship, especially when dating an introvert. We have to be given time alone with our thoughts and trust is very big with us.Introverts, on the other hand, can enjoy parties, but recharge during their alone times.To put it simply, we introverts greatly value our alone time.If you love books and would like to find a friend, penpal, penfriend or keypal who shares your interest in language and / or literature, why not post a message here. To add your own message to our site use the form below.

They don’t hate you, they just want some time to chill.

Whatever we do with it, whether it’s reading, binge watching or listening to music, we need time alone to relax and reflect.

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