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10-Nov-2017 16:33

It has fallen dramatically since then, and is trading 56 per cent lower since the start of the year.“The risk takers have gone somewhere else — they’ve gone into bitcoin or cannabis,” said John Green, chief financial officer of of Unigold, who added that his comments reflected his personal view, and not the official views of his fledgling company.

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Theoretically, undervalued junior gold companies, would be a good thing for the senior gold companies that look to purchase them — but Johnson expressed little excitement for the junior sector and said his company is focused on its own projects.

Blueberry is a well known classic and former winner of the Cannabis Cup.

Out of 5 total seeds 2 sprouted both were verry slow to grow and one had a genetic defect on one side of the plant. The other I grew out and it did not turn purple at all. Was a female but was the slowest growing plant I ever grew and buds were nothing close to B. I have had green Crack, white widow, northern lights before with great success but this one wasted my time only 24.2g of dryed product Says : Seeds didn’t germinate When I asked for replacements they blamed me and since I didn’t keep my receipt wouldn’t replace them.

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It did not small, taste or look like any bleuberry I've ever had, but in top of it all it ended up hermieing out on me. College graduate Horticulture back ground and 6 years professional Propagation growing experience at a renowned Propagation facility I know exactly what I’m doing.

However, the payoffs for your efforts and investments are high yield harvests of tasty and high quality buds.