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21-Dec-2017 19:43

Check out this 21-Day Program to Jump Start Your Love-Life!Want to know how to find and keep the right relationship?It would totally rock our world and turn it upside down!!The enemy wants to hold us all back, by filling our men with lies that they are not good enough, strong enough, brave enough, or worthy enough.

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Can you imagine what would happen if all of our men submitted to God’s Spirit, and were filled with confidence, power, faith, and strength?So to this group of men I say: Man-up and make some choices!!Don’t dabble into relationships, don’t show interest in 10 women at a time all while trying to find which one you like best, and quit holding out for a woman who might simply be a figment of your imagination Open your eyes to the blessings all around you, and be courageous to take next steps.Lies that tell them they will fail, they will falter, and that they won’t measure up.