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Your fellow Comic-Con attendees are your friends, not your foes. Rule #8: Ask before touching, for crying out loud Just because someone is dressed up as your favorite movie/TV character does not automatically give you the right to touch them or even take their photo.

Unless you are dressed as Han Solo and you find a Stormtrooper in which case yeah, you're enemies. A backpack is the best thing to carry if you're going to Comic-Con. They are dressed up to show off, so almost everyone will stop for a photo and/or let you take a photo with them.

It has a removable and replaceable battery which will be a total life-saver.

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Then you'll find someone who can hold your place in line while you go to the bathroom or someone to save you a seat if they get into a panel first. Make sure to check Comic-Con guidelines to see what you can and can't bring in.Courtney's take on the the costume was accurate in parts: The knee high red boots, the matching long red leather gloves, even the red waist sash...although the boots gained a few inches on the heel to give the 5'4" model a little boost.Bring a sweater or something to throw on in case the ballrooms are chilly.

Remember: the more comfortable you are, the longer you last.But it does cause for lots of running around trying to get everything done.If you just assume you'll have to miss something to attend something else, you'll be fine.At Cincinnati Comic Expo you can see creators of Marvel, DC, and independent comics.

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