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Imagine what you could do with ,000 as you start out your new life together, like making a sizeable down payment on your first home.

You can have a beautiful, memorable wedding for less.

Here are the top three personal finance issues facing unmarried couples living together.

Don't Date Your Way Into Debt Dating is expensive. Marriage: Tying the Financial Knot So you're getting married?

Sometimes combining all income into a joint checking account can muddy the waters, add confusion and complications, and cause resentment and power struggles. The changes that accompany adding a new little member to your family can be stressful, but you can reduce the stress greatly by minimizing the financial factor.

You Can Afford To Stay Home With Your Kids If you or your spouse want to stay home and raise your kids, but think you can't afford to, you're not alone.

Couples and Money: How to Talk the Talk It's been estimated that money issues are the driving force in 90% of divorces, but you CAN live happily ever after, financially speaking, if you work at not letting financial issues come between you and your partner. (John Pierpont) Morgan (1837-1913) financed railroads and helped organize U. Steel, General Electric and other major corporations. Morgan & Company, a predecessor of the modern-day financial giant JPMorgan Chase.However, he faced criticism that he had too much power and was accused of manipulating the nation’s financial system for his own gain.This money guide for couples contains three sections of dedicated financial and money-related resources to cater to all types of couples.