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Big Dick - As I was tossing out tapes I found this jewel.It was leftover footage from my videotaping at Blacks Beach, the famous clothing optional beach.Regardless of whether it was a pump, result of a surgical mishap or disease, or, just a physical anomaly, I don't know if I would ever use the word "natural" to describe it as it gave me a sense of being very unnatural.If it was how he was born, it was some kind of genetic mutation, just as some guys grow to over 8 feet in height.They always agreed and seemed to thoroughly enjoy photographing his unusually big dick.

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Its a striking CFNM scene when this happens: Other vidcaps: [hr] Mr.You can't see it, but the cute topless girl was with another girl fully clothed in a bathing suit, making it very enjoyable CFNM.After she took photos and he thanked them and left, they sat there laughing about it, watching him part into the sunset.I think he may get off on others making fun of his little penis, which is why he presents it to the world in such a way.

My antivirus software won't let me download the videos .....But one thing is clear, as he walks down the beach nude and swinging it, it certainly gives the girls something interesting to look at.Making their day fun is a great way to keep the females coming, so for that I thank this guy for putting it on display for their interest and amusement.A certain fellow became a bit of a celebrity at this famous clothing optional beach.