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It's situations like that I find particularly enjoyable to see - female voyeurism along with the girl's bravery to ask being wonderfully rewarded.When he he saw attractive girls, he would often approach them with his own camera, asking if they would photograph it.You can't see it, but the cute topless girl was with another girl fully clothed in a bathing suit, making it very enjoyable CFNM.After she took photos and he thanked them and left, they sat there laughing about it, watching him part into the sunset.

If they show no interest in you, approaching them or laying 10 feet from them when there's a lot of unused real estate around them only grosses them out and makes them not return.

" I've even witnessed guys walking naked down the beach in front of women with a full erection, and have never seen anyone approach him about it, although I have seen the ladies giggle. I have never been to Blacks Beach but hope to be there someday. Though I did not walk the beach with a hard on, I did sit in a less traveled section with an erection.

A few yards away were a group of college girls in swum suits playing a card game of some sort. A few looked my way, but for the most part, they were involved in having a day on the beach.

My favorite place to experience the sensation of throngs of attractive girls checking out my dick is Blacks Beach near San Diego.

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Blacks is one of the most famous nude beaches in the U. However, "nude" isn't exactly right as it is really clothing optional.But one thing is clear, as he walks down the beach nude and swinging it, it certainly gives the girls something interesting to look at.Making their day fun is a great way to keep the females coming, so for that I thank this guy for putting it on display for their interest and amusement.He would put his hands on his waist, thrust his pelvis forward prominently presenting his very unusually large penis for them to photograph. " with big smiles then walk off, usually laughing about it.