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Stuart had a second mortgage on their home and the kid's college money was wiped out. She got on the phone to me and I called one of the associates in my firm.

When Karen confronted him, the nebbish vanished and the S. When Stuart arrived home 3 days later, drunk as a skunk, he found himself facing the police and a restraining order. With some swift legal maneuvering, Arnie, her attorney, managed to have the house transferred entirely to her name.

You make it hard for me to want to leave this morning." "I told you he was the best lover and most considerate lover that I've ever had," Dana said as she walked out of the en-suite bathroom. I've never known a man like Frank before, I suppose that's why I actually let him trap me this way," Dana said to our guest, flashing the huge diamond I had purchased only a few weeks back.

My name is Frank Sutton and I'm about to tell you about Dana and how she has enriched my life.

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I can generally buy what I like, go where I want, do as I please.On May 22, Brooke appeared at Extreme Rules, dressed as Ric Flair to distract Natalya and helping Charlotte to retain her WWE Women's Championship as well as marking her first pay-per-view appearance.On the September 12 episode of Raw, Brooke slapped Charlotte after being degraded by her on multiple occasions, resulting in Raw general manager Mick Foley placing Brooke in a triple threat match against Bayley and Sasha Banks to determine Charlotte's opponent at Clash of Champions, which she lost.She was a bit too much like our father and thought with her heart and not her head. You never would have thought of him to have a gambling problem, but he did.