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Abdul Aziz's military and political successes were not mirrored economically until vast reserves of oil were discovered in March 1938.Development programmes, which were delayed due to the onset of the Second World War in 1939, began in earnest in 1946 and by 1949 production was in full swing.As a consequence Saud was deposed in favour of Faisal in 1964.

There are no recognized political parties or national elections, except the local elections which were held in the year 2005 when participation was reserved for male citizens only. Accessed June 25, 2008.] The king's powers are theoretically limited within the bounds of Shari'a and other Saudi traditions.The Kingdom is sometimes called "The Land of The Two Holy Mosques" in reference to , to create a new political entity.This alliance formed in the 18th century remains the basis of Saudi Arabian dynastic rule today.He was succeeded by King Khalid until 1982 and then by King Fahd.