Dating a foreign exchange student

15-Feb-2018 22:24

This past Valentines’ Day, as another year of singledom loomed, I took a step back to consider why a relationship just wasn’t working for me.The past two years have been far from stable for me.So I met this really sweet guy in my class at college and we started talking and I fell for him.He fell for me as well and we've been dating for a month or so, but he goes back in a couple of weeks.But while this is the easiest type of relationship to fall into, it also has a lot of potential for heartbreak.Two Europeans I know, one from the north of the continent and the other from the south, ended up in what was supposed to be a no strings attached relationship last semester.Rather than setting out for “just a bit of fun” as my European friends had done, she and her American partner decided early on that this was more serious – there was no denying this would be a relationship.

He is back to complete a graduate degree here in the U.

They got together, intending just to have some fun while they were in the States. After enjoying some months of this, they eventually became exclusive, even though they both knew they were just in it for the fun and it was destined not to last.

My boyfriend and I have been dating for a year and a half. He was a foreign exchange student in America my senior year of high school and we started dating that fall. After I graduated I spent an entire month traveling with him in Italy, where he's from. Now I am nearly done with my first year of college and.… continue reading »

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