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In any relationship, you do learn a lot about yourself.Just be careful as a freshman to not miss out on opportunities. That way, when you are in a relationship you're not totally dependent on someone else taking care of you, and you know how to carry on if the relationship does end, which it very well might. Now that you’re a few weeks into your first semester, you may be anxious to test the waters in your first college relationship. You may feel obligated to go with the crowd and leave your comfort zone to pursue a relationship; but at the same time, maybe you’re afraid that your hookup(s) will give you an undesirable rep.Right: Food trucks in Royce Quad Left: Student opener Gabrielle Wortman Right: Avi Buffalo Left: Dancers clad in Nick […] Celebrating half a decade of connecting emerging artists with music industry professionals, Verseus Entertainment Group (VEG) extends its networking event and music showcase, Almost Famous, to the West Coast.The event will kick-off the 2010 Grammy weekend, Friday, January 29th at 8PM in Los Angeles at the UCLA Campus Covel Grand Horizon Ballroom.Many women are torn between conforming to what appears to be the “social norm” of “hookup culture” and not appearing promiscuous to others.Julie Zeilinger, founder of the feminist blog shared some insight with us about detaching one’s sexual choices from the stereotypes that women fear becoming associated with.

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If someone you’re dating isn’t able to devote time to you sometimes, don’t take it personally!College is a busier world than the familiar realm of high school.Being a college student means balancing academics, work, socializing and clubs.It doesn’t define your career aspirations or how much you care about social issues. For example, you might be really into the idea of hooking up with someone who lives on the same floor as you.