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In 2011, Magnolia Pictures release Roadie, the character Nikki pulls out Ratcity in Blue from Jimmy's vinyl record collection and they listen to a couple of tracks starting with Advertisement in the Voice.This brings back memories of them seeing the band every Saturday night with their friend Steph when they were in high school.When asked about Yuvika, Prince doesn't mince words and says that Yuvika is the cutest person ever and he likes her a lot.

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With no place to go, no job prospects, and no real skills outside of being a roadie, Jimmy needs to regroup. There, he revisits old relationships: his ailing, widower mom, a high school crush, a former nemesis and, most importantly, his relationship with himself.Anyone who’s not willing to take a pay and benefits cut will be let go with a small severence package, starting with O. Reg represents the commodification of art and he says he’s here to protect the Staton-House Band’s brand.Kelly Ann, who’s finishing out her last day and has zero f*cks left to give, tells Reg off in a beautiful monologue basically saying the business and branding of art is temporary, but the artistry is forever.Shelli ends up finding a new purpose for Kelly Ann’s twin brother Wes: he’s the new manny to the lead singer’s little asshole of a son named Winston.