Dating according to astrological signs

17-Apr-2017 10:58

It all depends on the love and sex planetary placements and for every individual they differ.

I am glad you only wasted two bucks, that is about all it is worth. Catseyes, would do the same but often they don't have their birth times and you only get a rough idea.

As for trying out other signs and avoiding from your partners the sign that involves one finger (and has to do with birds), remember to employ erection protection for the deflection of infection.

Can't wait to see the tangents this post goes off on...

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I had not written on this blog since 2014 (and not because of lack of inspiration but because of lack of courage,)…As a practising astrologer I have to laugh at what is said about sun signs and in daily horoscopes pleeeeeeeease!!If it was all that easy I would have lost interest years ago.Should I let my partners know I'm dating more than two people.

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I mean, when ever we agree to an open relationship we never talk numbers, so open means open right?Anyway, if you want to really do some sort of experiment with "sex around the Zodiac," and have it be more than a whimsical way to try each position out with a different partner, I'd suggest you instead have at least twelve sexual experiences with each one, and find out whether there really WAS any connection between signs and positions.If nothing else, you'll have a lot MORE sex, which could be fun.I used to study all sorts of things, including Astrology.

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