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17-Sep-2017 08:14

We are working on family understanding, which takes time.I think there can be something in-between: I am feeding my baby girl only vegan food and am asking others only to feed her vegan food (in daycare, at grandparents) as long as she is still a baby and is being fed by adults.I think that is totally the right attitude, I feel EXACTLY the same way.Sometimes I think it would be easier if my husband had the same diet, but not fair of me to change who he is! I cook 100% vegan food, but like you, at birthday parties and grandmas and grandpas etc.Not that she is going to cook non-vegan things for her. We both agreed that we let our future children choose the lifestyle they want.I, however, will educate them about where their food is coming from, how it is made, how it affects our bodies, the animals, and our planet.We also learned early on that she was lactose intolerant (non vegan formula top up when my milk didn’t come in) so I wouldn’t want her to eat something she was allergic to just because she may have “grown” out of it, or just not showing obvious signs of allergy.It wasn’t hard for us and my husband is supportive.

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Once she is old enough, we are going to explain our choices to her, and again, it will be up to her to decide what she wants in her diet!

These information were not given to me growing up which I know would have helped me.