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In the morning, it's coffee shops women go to for their morning cup of java. Go to these places at the right time, and you'll find tons of women just hanging out, waiting to grab a drink before heading home. Well, that doesn't change after you're out of school. If you like college basketball, continue to go out to games.Throwing parties is a great way to meet new people! If you like live music, continue to go to concerts.The key to meeting lots of great, high quality women after graduating from college is to keep being as social as possible, and don't let your life be consumed by your job.Here are some tips to help you meet women after college: This should seem like a no-brainer.And what better way to start a conversation than to talk about something you both love?The worst thing you can do is just spend all your time working and watching TV. Just take action, get out of the house, and know how to start conversations with women." It's hard to run to the free health clinic for free condoms when there isn't a free health clinic anymore. In life, you might want to expand beyond your mental carbon copies. Contrary to popular belief in college, it still is a relationship even if it's not on Facebook.

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The transition to entering the rat race after college is done can be depressing for a lot of men, because their lives become entirely centered around their jobs.Making out with every single guy who takes you out on a date.Or as I like to call it, "This Is How You Mono." You don't owe anyone your saliva, and a peck on the lips or a hug good night never killed anybody — in fact, it probably saved some people from some pretty sloppy kisses (and like I said, mono).10.This is probably the fastest and easiest way to meet girls.

After a long day of work, sometimes the last thing we want to do is go out at night.

by Joseph Matthews When you're in college, meeting women can be easy.