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It devotes comparatively little space to the early history of Lithuania.

However, a few important facts are mentioned from the second half of the 13 century.

Its two miniatures are directly related to Lithuanian history (tributary peoples of Ruthenia and a Ruthenian raid against the Yatvingians in 1113).

There are also some illustrations of events from Ruthenian history, which were important for Lithuania.

The lack of information makes this problem a rather complicated one, and researchers fail to come to indisputable conclusions.

The first Novgorod Chronicle is the oldest surviving Ruthenian chronicle (its synodal manuscript dates from the end of the 13 centuries.The so-called Radziwill Chronicle - the oldest illustrated Ruthenian chronicle-was also compiled in the land of Vladimir-Suzdal.It represents a copy of another illustrated chronicle of 1206 made at the end of the 15 century.My book “Lietuvos valstybės ištakos” (“The Formation of the Lithuanian State”) was published in the end of May, 2000 in Vilnius by “Vaga” publishers. This problem arises at the juncture of Lithuanian history and prehistory, but information about Lithuanian society in those times is still rather scanty.

The formation of the Lithuanian state has been an object of research for many years.The author - a contemporary of the events described - unfortunately had no knowledge of Lithuanian internal politics.For this reason, the greatest number of references relates only to frequent Lithuanian attacks.In the broad sense the state is any political organization, whereas in the narrow sense the state represents only one type of political organization. Thietmar's (Saxon) version has survived in short narratives by Saxon annalists: Thietmar of Merseburg's Chronicle (1014), the Quedlinburg Annals, Works of Magdeburg Bishops (12 century the first information about Lithuania also appeared in the Ruthenian (Rus') chronicles.