Dating fender pickups and pots

22-Jul-2017 10:02

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These pickups have transformed this guitar from one I wanted to like to one I unreservedly love.

I'm now planning on trying out some of your products on my Epiphone Les Paul! Lovely top end without the shrill icepick effect people complain about with some pickups and brittle Tele bite on tap. Back off the volume pot and it cleans up and mellows very well.

I found the Fender pickup very bright and a bit weak.

The Steel Foundry has added the one thing missing from the guitar the Tele twang it sounds fantastic and such good value." David Acklam, Brighton.

This action shields the pickup cover and stops hum from the bridge pickup Re the 4th position wiring changes, then "hey presto"! You can add in a nice Sprague orange drop capacitor between the volume and tone controls to smooth everything out, and also add an Axetec treble bleed between the first two tags of the volume pot to keep your tone from getting a but "muddy" when you turn the volume down.

Recommended to all telecaster lovers out there, the tone of these Pickups is perfect for that longed for Tele twang, and beefy tone' when you want it!

The Steel Foundry is an amazing traditional pickup for the Telecaster.

It's got loads of punchy "twang" and the neck pickup is outstanding for fluid bluesy runs.

Then, the Steel Foundry was overpowering the vintage wound stock neck pup I'd left in.

As the bridge floats, the instrument has a tendency to go out of tune during double-stop string bends. Sometimes these are so faint you can barely see them - maybe only being 2 mm long.

I list the rarer colors in the Color Confusion section of this page. This is a pickup assembly above is off a Strat Plus Deluxe, but other than the color of the pickups, all Plus' are wired exactly the same.

"Just thought I'd drop you a line to congratulate you for supplying me another cracking set of pickups, a wonderful set of Steel Foundry Telecaster pups.

I purchased them 4 weeks ago and have only just found time to fit them into my Telecaster, well, "I have modded a Telecaster guitar with 3 pickups (wired as a Strat).I replaced the Tele pickups with Iron Gear Steel Foundry pickups and a Strat middle pickup, wow!As well as the replaced Tele pickups having a nice bite to the sound, I have also got the Strat sound (best of both worlds).My Tele is one unusually heavy (about 10.5 lbs if we're talking in a US fashion) ,dense guitar and is acoustically very bright.