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The body wood is either a tan coloured Most of the Fender Japan serial numbers do not follow this format.

The Fender USA serial format was used on the Fender Japan E series because most of them were exported to the USA while Fender was undergoing a transitional period.

The System II and III tremolo systems use a height adjustable locking nut.

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The humbucking pickups used in the Contemporary models have a DC resistance which is approximately 7.6 .The "JV" alone, tells us the guitar was made between 19.The "JV" serialed MIJ (Made In Japan) Fenders have become, and will probably remain, the most collectable - The Holy Grails - of the Fender Japan instruments...While a "CRAFTED" In Japan guitar with a serial number starting with the letter "A" would have been made in 1997 or 1998.