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On 18 July 2017 the Prime Minister announced reforms to Australia's national security and intelligence arrangements.These reforms involved establishing a Department of Home Affairs and a Home Affairs Portfolio.The disclosure obligations of the Participants of this group are described in the charter.v Card is a specification developed by the IETF for the description of people and organisations.The Department of Home Affairs is a central policy agency, providing coordinated strategy and policy leadership for Australia's national and transport security, federal law enforcement, criminal justice, cyber security, border, immigration, multicultural affairs, emergency management and trade related functions.The Department of Home Affairs includes the entirety of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.The goal is to promote the use of v Card for the description of people and organisations utilising semantic web techniques and allowing compatibility with traditional v Card implementations.

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The document describes a mapping of the v Card specification (RFC6350) to RDF/OWL.There are some overlaps between the three ontologies, but they can provide useful vocabularies individually, and also can provided enhanced information when used collaboratively.In order to create the OWL ontology mapping from RFC6350, some changes and enhancements are required to reflect and support RDF/OWL features, linked data principles, and support ontology reuse.Recently, v Card has been significantly updated to Version 4 as documented in [RFC6350].