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19-Dec-2017 17:54

We agreed to meet in town; I arrived on the date, all excited, but realised that the girl who sat was a 30 year old lady.

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One day I visited him at his parent’s homestead in Mpopoma, Bulawayo. As we talked, one thing led to the other and started kissing.One 30 year old, Tendai, feels the same way as Gracy.He says his accounting job has robbed his social life as he is always working. I decided to try online dating to meet different women from different backgrounds.

they say there is such a thing as soul mate and i am looking to find mine, hopefully onthis site.This proverb sums up the dating culture of most of the Zezuru, Korekore, Karanga and Manyika people in Zimbabwe (at least in the 90s and before) who would only marry from within their tribes and boundaries.Marriage, or rather dating, in Zimbabwe, used to be an ‘institution or an arrangement’ which involved a lot of rules and cultural or moral expectations that two people in a relationship were suppose to follow. In recent years with the advent of new technological gadgets like smartphones and laptops, there is a new dating trend which is fast developing in the country: internet dating.Being active on dating sites is my strategy to lure them in numbers,’ she said.