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She claims the singer, who died aged 37, was a total heartbreaker Hutchence, who was found dead in his Sydney hotel room in 1997, also dated pop singer Kylie Minogue and supermodel Helena Christensen.Miss Carlisle, who has been drug-free for six years, said: ‘He had a charisma I’ve never seen in anyone else.Smith is charged with second-degree murder, one count of first-degree attempted murder, two counts of second-degree attempted murder, and four firearms offenses. Mc Coy, who has been outspoken on criminal justice issues, says he has contacted lawyers on the mainland and is bringing in private detectives to bolster Smith's defense.'I will not allow what happened to me, to happen to him,' Mc Coy said.'I deal in facts and I can assure you this, there will be no DNA, there will be no fingerprints, there will be no video of (Smith) doing it.'On January 19, Mc Coy walked free from prison in Delaware after six and a half years on death row.And then we came over he just started shooting,' witness Seiuli Sale Wells told KITV. I got hit once.'The shooter fired 10 to 15 shots in the confined alley, before sprinting away to a suspected waiting car, said witnesses.'Those people that stayed in front of the Alley Cat got hit, and the rest they just ran.'Shooting victim Jonny Correa said the gunfire was indiscriminant: 'He was directly in front of me when he pulled the gun out. Dead was 22-year-old Maleko Remlinger, a Keaau High School graduate and athlete.

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Smith had recently arrived in Honolulu from Delaware at the invitation of Isaiah Mc Coy, 29, who was freed from death row in January after a judge found insufficient evidence to convict in his retrial for murder.

There was a moment in 1984 when I had a flash that he wasn’t long for this earth.

I saw him just before his death and that sparkle was gone.

Two others, including Correa, were struck in the arm and buttocks and survived.

Police have not yet revealed how the investigation led to Smith, but he was arrested in the company of Mc Coy on Sunday after a 36-hour manhunt.

The star, whose hits included Heaven Is A Place On Earth, said: ‘I’m surprised I have a nose, and a brain that works most of the time, and that I never ended up in jail, because I should have with the things I did.