Dating high maintenance woman

01-Nov-2017 15:08

Strong feelings of physical attraction are probably worth the extra effort to a point. But people stay in a relationship because it's giving them something they want/depend on, and it's even more precious if they don't think they'll get it anywhere else, anytime soon. Being accepted by the beautiful woman who treats everyone like crap makes them feel like they won.

Beauty, even superficial beauty can make both men and women somewhat blind to behaviours. There's something to be said about the thrill of the chace, but I've met more men who talk about ex's that refused to work and have seen women literally pout and throw drinks at their guy for no reason, and THEY PUT UP WITH IT....

Sure, I would LOVE to have a man who was thoughtful and did nice things like wash my car while he was out and plan a special suprise or two. Maybe I need to pull the pouty, whiney act, but it's just NOT ME!!! Those tempramental beeeetches are not competition for women who want relationships and husbands. Most of the women you see acting that way are gonna be alone in the morning and won't be getting call-backs. But I've always been the kind of woman that would rather be alone than in a relationship of convenience. I've dated a few divorced guys with horor stories of ex wives and ex gf's that refused to work, threw drinks in their faces, kicked them out of the car on the highway.

One who'd enjoy finding a cold beer on the sink for after his hot shower after work and a surprise ticket to the game... I have higher expectations of myself and my partner for that. Granted once your married your committed to making things work, or so I'd like to believe, but still....

Like many men, you probably don’t like high maintenance girlfriends and you must be curious to know the signs that you should watch out for as early as possible.

Here are 5 tell-tale signs that can help you know if she is high maintenance: 1.

The cute girl could get another cute guy in a week or two, a couple hours if it was just sex. Women in this position have no reason to behave, there's no accountability, so why should they?

You can't tell me they dind't see this behavior before.

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Many of the high maintenance girls will say that in order for them to be the sexy hot Chinese girls they are, they need a significant amount of time to get dressed, style their hair and apply make up.

This usually ends up costing their male partners time, waiting for them to get ready.

To know whether the Chinese women to date is high-maintenance or not, just seek to know the amount of time she needs to get ready and you will know if she will cost you precious time or not. If she compares you to her father Most western men found out that the Malaysian Chinese girls they were dating were high maintenance after listening to how often they got compared to their potential future fathers-in-law.

And yet I see this time and time again in both married couples, out at the bar, you name it.

I read all the time in profile after profile that guys don't want a woman who plays games and yet I have to wonder...The qualities you name may be nice but they are not as important as what will make him feel loved. I'm not saying the name caz of advertising rules... The attraction to whiney, needy, b**chy women is moot. They get so enamored with them that their nuts shrivel up and fall off right into her testicle lock box. I like being spoiled but I certainly don't ask for it haha..You being strong or drama-free or independent are not things that make him feel any more loved than if you didn't have these qualities (in fact, potentially the opposite could be said to be true). If they're hot, they can get away with bad behavior. The vast majority of the men sucked into this are guys who have never had any real success at relationships and are willing to settle to being her servant as opposed to her equal. Idk Hmmmm Part of the problem is that there's no simple definition of 'high maintenance'.There are those that are more interested in what you have to offer in terms of finances.

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