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For them it is a place that brings back old memories or feelings.

The state of a person's home can physiologically influence his or her behavior, emotions, and mental health.

Besides many blocks of flats are badly built and are associated with poverty and crime. It is a boat designed to be used as a human dwelling. Read several interesting facts about houses and And some more The oldest house in the world was discovered at Mezhirich near Kiev in the Ukraine in 1965 by a farmer.

In the United Kingdom, canal narrowboats are used as homes and also as mobile, rented, holiday accommodation. They are found throughout the canals, rivers and coasts; in cities, in the country and in harbours. It is approximately from 10,000 and it is made of mammoth bones. It was not exactly beggar description, but it certainly had that word on the look-out for the mendicancy squad.

A house serves as a shelter and a place to satisfy all our needs: we sleep, eat, hide ourselves from bad weather, store personal property, work and rest there. So what is the difference between a house and a home?

It is considered that the place where you live is your home whatever type of house it is.

It is much more comfortable than a tent and it gives travellers the opportunity not to spend their money on a motel or hotel. 3) Why do houses differ from one culture to another? James Dillingham Young ...' (From 'The Gift of the Magi' by O'Henry) 'Like the enlightened thousands of his class and generation in this great city of London, who no longer believe in red velvet chairs, and know that groups of modern Italian marble are vieux jeu, Soames Forsyte inhabited a house which did what it could.

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In the United Kingdom, canal narrowboats are used as homes and also as F. But inside, it was altogether charming, and the happy bride saw no fault from garret to cellar.A person's home can tell us what culture he belongs to, because consciously or unconsciously, one usually keeps to one's native traditions, though it is rather difficult to do so in the modern world, especially in the city.An Englishman's motto is 'My home is my castle.' A house doesn't only ensure privacy or give a sense of stability and security, but it is also a status symbol.That is why there are so many types of houses and ways of life in the world.