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Perhaps a painting is the way of calming and diving into yourselves after a long working day or the opportunity to collect the thoughts, remember fine moments in the life, relish a beautiful image or feel the warmth of the sun and real sincere relations.Anyway, the picturesque painting is the whole world and if, looking at a picture, you feel that this world begins to vibrate with your inner world, forces you to stop and fills your heart with the feeling of the real life, you have found your painting.The painting by all means has to be pleasant first of all to you.Quite often you will observe it in your interior, and if the picture is not ideal, it will irritate you, and you will feel uncomfortable in a room.Those stunning women I saw die in Egypt, Vidisha, Assyria,seemed last night to stand in tight formation, javelin in hand, in far-off mist and fog upon the sky's horizon - to trample death underfoot? To raise love's awesome, solemn, ceremonial This paintings gallery is the old project of the Russian Paintings Gallery existing on the Net since 2004.Merchandising paintings by the contemporary Russian painters is the main goal of the site.In addition, it is a good and long-term investment of capital.

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We offer art experts and painting lovers a chance to touch both the masterpieces by avowed professional painters and the artworks by amateur painters.

Having bought and hung a painting on the wall, you change the interior making it more cosy and giving joy to people looking at it.