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When there are two ways that a child can respond to a situation, the parent can mentions nicely which way will be pleasing to Allah.

The constant reference to Allah, the constant encouragement to do what is right, and the constant praise and positive reinforcement for doing the right actions, will focus your child on the right path.

As she and the young child start to do something together, she can mention that the father is doing what Allah says a good father should do - working to take care of the family.

She can also mention, and the father should also mention it frequently, that she is trying to please Allah by doing many things to help her child and the family.

ISLAM AND DAILY LIFE Too often when parents think about talking to their children about Islam, they concentrate on the ritual of the five pillars.

They teach them how to make salah (required prayer), and they teach them some short Qur'anic surah (chapters).

Do not mistake these questions and worries as a rebellion against you or against their religion. Be happy that your youth feels comfortable coming to you with these issues.

Stressing the negative and the punishment makes the child want to avoid anything to do with the religion.

He will be seeking his answers from his friends, and if his friends are not actively practicing Muslims, he may be getting answers that go against Islam.

Why do some parents and youth have a positive relationship and others do not?

He needs to be aware of the many blessings Allah has given to him to help him enjoy and cope with his life.

And he needs to understand which actions Allah will be pleased with, rather than worry over punishment for mistakes he knows he will make.

No child wants to sit still long enough to hear a lecture about anything.