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To this date belong the earliest datable temples and the first two, if not three, of the stages of development in their ground plan: the lobed or kidney-shaped plan found in Mġarr east, the trefoil plan evident in Skorba, Kordin and various minor sites, and the five-apsed plan Ġgantija South, Tarxien East.The Tarxien phase marks the peak of the temple civilisation.The western temple at Ġgantija represents, along with other units in Tarxien, Ħaġar Qim and L-Imnajdra, the penultimate stage in development, that is, the introduction of a shallow niche instead of an apse at the far end of the temple.The final stage is testified in only one temple, the central unit at Tarxien, with its three symmetrical pairs of apses.Spiral reliefs resembling those at Tarxien once adorned the Ġgantija temples, but have faded to a level where they are only clearly recognisable in a series of drawings made by the artist Charles de Brochtorff in 1829, immediately after the temples’ excavation.The Tarxien phase is characterised by a rich variety of pottery forms and decorative techniques.The monuments’ façades and internal walls are made up of orthostats, a row of large stone slabs laid on end.Further trilithons form a passage, which is always paved in stone.

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It represents an important development in the cultural evolution of neolithic man on the islands.

With the standard temple plan, found in some thirty temples across the islands, there is a certain amount of variation both in the number of apses, and in the overall length – ranging from 6.5m in the Mnajdra east temple to 23m in the six-apsed Tarxien central temple.