Dating too long

07-May-2017 01:43

Unless, of course, a future filled with long, lonely nights eating pork rinds while watching scrambled porn with your obese cat sounds good. You assume you repulse all women When a girl walks by and smiles, most guys take it as an ego-boosting compliment.However, being single for a prolonged period can start to wear on your confidence.And it's a little disheartening that we have to revisit the topic, but it seems we need to once again look at the top 10 clear signs that might mean you’ve been single a little too long — heed the warning.If some of them hit close to home, it’s probably time to reevaluate.

We’ve all seen dudes start to slide down this slippery slope, and it ain’t pretty — because of this we've already looked the Top 10 Signs You've Been Single Too Long.

So, relenting to mommy’s matchmaking prowess is definitely a step backward.

That isn’t to say you should completely ignore this rich source of potential girlfriends.

Losing confidence often happens when you are out of the game for too long, and attracting anyone (let alone someone you are actually interested in) will be difficult. You develop bad eating habits It takes a lot of effort to cook for one, and falling into the age-old trap of eating like a bachelor is easy. If your cupboards are filled with food that can be cooked in less than five minutes, you’ve probably been on your own for too long. Head to the grocery store for a big order and shop for the basics like rice and pasta, pick up a spice rack and invest in cookbooks that specialize in simple meals for one.

It might be easier to just pop a dinner into the microwave, but when it comes time to cook for a potential girlfriend Hungry-Man Classic Fried Chicken Dinner isn’t going to cut it.

Failing to do so can result in being stuck in a relationship with the kind of girl who would normally make you shudder.

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