Dating while pregnant single

25-Jul-2017 05:35

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Lots of single parents ( men and women) are dating, and some are not dating, but dating while your pregnant is foolish and we are trying to tell you why, if you don't want to know the answer DON'T ASK, nice attitude by the way... Most of us will give the straight goods and some of us wont sugar coat it.Most of us do know that Sponsoring a child is not the same as having a child.There is a time and place for everything, and this is not the time or the place.One of the funniest posts I ever saw was on this very subject.Do you really think it is wise to put yourself through a potential dating rollercoaster while pregnant?Perhaps you don't have the experience to "guard yourself" !

"..another poster came back with 'yeah, I want to masterbate in public, but I cant' true..because you want to do something doesnt mean you always should. When you're pregnant you have so much more on your plate with the baby coming.I dont know many good men who would find it appealing to see you purposely scouting for a new man in your state.Most good men would think you should be doing better things with your time now that you are to be a Mom.If you are not Heidi Klum, I don't see this happening...sure, some men will date a pregnant women. You should be seeking friends and family for support, and try dating once you've settled into parenthood. Forums are for people to speak their opinions, not to agree with you or baby you.

And the reality certainly seems to be that you may NEED to hear this stuff, as you obviously aren't making mature decisions.Not from people thinking single parents shouldn't be looking for love anymore.Kid, look at your profile for one second, see where it says " do you have children" and you clicked YES, to the untrained eye or someone that more than a modicum of intelligence that means you have children or at least a child Second, SPONCER , I take it you mean Sponsor?I don't understand why you would even consider dating when you're pregnant?

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