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31-Dec-2017 09:29

Is she simply a serial-dater, here to have me entertain her, and waste my time? Now, I've been on a good amount of Internet dates, and what I know is that these serial-daters can be pretty crafty.

Ensure Category "B" will be left standing alone in the rain outside the bar after about 45 minutes, wondering why that handsome, charming young man they were just chatting with, who seemed like he was good for endless hours of orbiting and validation, never came back from the bathroom.

Escalate, don't escalate, escalate a little bit and pull back, whatever, your Monday morning text simply isn't going to be returned. So the type of girl I believe I could get along with tends to be more traditional.

I think girls who don't like your look or personality, but are otherwise actually on the hunt for a guy to bang, will usually proactively eject themselves early.

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But I did get the impression with most of those that they were simply killing time, and a second meet, much less a lay, was never on the table no matter what I said or did.I should clarify about what I meant about "not meaning shit." Most of the girls I banged were enthusiastic via text.And there were just as many who had similar levels of enthusiasm, only to show up and sit six feet away from me and avoid any impression that our meet was anything vaguely resembling a romantic encounter.On the other hand, I've found that enthusiasm over text, which you say doesn't mean shit in your experience, is a near-perfect predictor of whether the girl is worthwhile.

I'm guessing a lot of this depends on the type of girl you go after. Maybe they're a bit affection-starved and like being touched even by a guy they're not super into.

I noticed timewaster girls all seemed to have the same notion of how long a good "entertainment date" should last: about an hour and a half. I mean, if she's very cute I'm certainly OK with running a longer game on her. I've met in the ballpark of 50 girls from online, and not a single one had a visible tattoo.