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Those (at least the HTML 5 and Flash ones) tend to make the OS itself irrelevant when it comes to user interaction.It's all relatively new, so most people probably haven't seen applications using them yet.It doesn't matter if the hardware is completely free; the cost of replacing the current software with your software is prohibitively expensive.With even one piece of equipment in my plant, I have to have dozens of copies of the software for all of the engineers and maintenance people who might possibly need to look at it. Do you really think it's a smart marketing move to place a huge barrier to adopting your products?Yes it costs a lot for hardware, but have you checked the price of tooling? Wish I could have used a Linux PC to write the code. If you want me to buy it, it has to work and be reasonable. Here I am, studying Ladder logic, PLC's etc at college & checking out the Linux state of play re PLC programming... If there are any technical advantages, I would be at a loss to identify them.

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This is the facilitator for what hardware is able to do. We are all in business and consumers in the majority now accept that software is a piece of the automation solution. Get with the program and understand the value of the tool that is now esential to an automation system Best regards Lee J Ward Schneider Automation Lee, you haven't addressed my fundamental point; no plant that isn't currently using your products can EVER switch to them.

It is only an essential reliablity investment in the worst cases.

The best thing going for PLCs is the wide body of knowledge in support.

There are integrators in almost every city who develop in ladder, function blocks, and SFCs.

Bottom line, Ladder is efficient for the technician to work in and understand just like an electrical schematic.

There is no real technical advantage for using MS Windows for GUI work as compared to any other OS.

Enthought Canopy provides a proven scientific and analytic Python package distribution plus key integrated tools for iterative data analysis, data.… continue reading »

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Overview of connecting to importing. but not from Excel. The RTD function retrieves real-time data from a program that supports COM automation.… continue reading »

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