Excel 2016 rtd not updating

19-Jul-2017 01:37

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There is no real technical advantage for using MS Windows for GUI work as compared to any other OS.

100 dollars worth of metal can cost 1500 after being machined on a CNC. The AB software was 1500 USD and the cable was 150 USD and the PLCs were 1250 USD ea!!! Then the customer says it has to be AB hardware and software at their plant!! I notice that the academics seem to think that there's a certain virtue in maintaining a dual-boot system, Unix to write modify applications and monitor user data, verifying on the watchdog principle; and windows to run the application with advanced GUI features.(see article about the Advanced Photon Source, Arbonne University Illinois)Allen Bradley also state in one of their user guides - a pdf file i scan-read whilst trying to see if there was a 'free' version of RS500 to play, that the Windows environment confers particular advantages in this kind of (industrial) applicaion.... It's pretty amusing that RA would be talking about advanced GUI features.Regards,cww I've been using Rockwell software since before it was RS.I will grant that their history of buggy and crashing software is legendary.-James Inrgaham Yes software is expensive, and yes once you select your flavor you are basicly locked into the system due to capitol investment costs.