Excel 2016 vba screenupdating not working

30-Aug-2017 23:57

any help most appreciated: This worked fine in 2010?????? Dim Recipient As Variant Recipient = Array(Worksheets("Absence Reporting"). Send 'Or use Display End With On Error Go To 0 Set Out Mail = Nothing End If Next X cleanup: Set Out App = Nothing Application. Value = "Y" 'Msg Box "Email sent to the line manager/s of " & Worksheets("Absence Reporting"). Value 'End If 'Next X 'End With End Sub Sub email Abence() Dim X As Integer Dim Out App As Object Dim Out Mail As Object Dim cell As Range Dim Recipient As Variant Application. Range("R" & X) = "" Then Exit Sub If Worksheets("Absence Reporting"). Range("R" & X) = "" Then Msg Box "You must enter a valid event code in order to send email notification", vb Critical If Worksheets("Absence Reporting"). you see the changes to the worksheet and the activated ribbon tab changes. Regards from Belarus (GMT 3), Andrei Smolin Add-in Express Team Leader Thanks Andrei, The Windows Form timer did the trick to open the window and change the active ribbon tab, before updating the sheet, in Excel 2013.

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Value) On Error Go To cleanup For X = 4 To Cells(Rows. Range("B" & X) "" _ And Worksheets("Absence Reporting"). Create Item(0) On Error Resume Next With Out Mail .

I'm migrating from Lotus notes to Outlook and need to amend some code to automate emails in Excel.

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