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In 1982 Gretto had the idea to open a Factory Records supported club in Manchester, and thus began The Hacienda.

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He died from a heart attack in 2007, leaving a hole in the cultural life of Manchester.

A potential rescue deal with London Records fell through and the company was declared bankrupt in November 1992.

After Factory's demise, many of the acts moved to London records, often taking their back catalogue with them.

FAC61 was the number given to a law suit brought against the label by former partner Hannett.

FAC501, the final catalogue number, was given to Tony Wilson's coffin.The remaining members went on to enjoy huge success with Factory as New Order. The label was at the center of a music scene of their own making - the so called "Madchester" scene - named, of course, for Manchester, Factory Record's base.And at the center of that scene was a Factory Records run club, the famous (or infamous) Hacienda.His designs were a big part of Factory's image, and his aesthetic fitted with Wilson Situationist leanings.