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He was self-taught and, in 1880, went to Egypt to draw up plans and take measurements of the Pyramids (Tanis, Naucratis, Daphnae, Hawara, Kahun, Meidum, El Amarna, Nagada, Abydos, Memphis, Sedment, Qau).

He is recognized as the first scientific excavator in Egypt and he wrote many books on general topics, tools and weapons, ancient weights and measures, and Egyptian architecture; in all, he published more than 1000 books and articles.

Other methods include: coin dating, seriation, and amino-acid racemization.

The methods have varying applications, accuracy, range, and cost.

Kidder's research forms the basis of nearly all later studies in the area.

He later did archaeological surveys and excavations for the Maya program of the Carnegie Institution of Washington.

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Theoretically, floating chronologies which cannot be tied to an absolute date (e.g.Many new techniques are being developed and tested., and combined stratigraphy with pottery typology to produce the first synthesis of southwestern prehistory.It has since been refined by dendrochronology, but it still provides the framework.Archaeological material, such as assemblages of pottery or the deposited with burials, are arranged into chronological order.