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15-Mar-2017 11:27

I like looking at the eye candy and talking, but I couldn't take someone who spends all their time on it seriously (I don't have it on my phone currently, and haven't in several months). I've actually laughed and walked out on a guy ( 1 or the 3 that actually wanted to meet up). I get some less than attractive guys hitting me up, but not too often. I just like the adoration, but there is no way I would meet the type of people that are on that site.

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This is not the first time they’ve been “rescued” by a county fairground. The state of TX allows parking (not camping) for up to 24 hours in roadside picnic areas unless there is signage to the contrary. For membership information and a demo of the site, click here.It seems like everyone on there is just on to play games and never actually do anything. (it would have been hilariously ironic if it wasn't so damn annoying). And apparently only those outside those wide categories and varieties have any interest in me.I've connected with many guys since joining but a hookup has only come to fruition 4 times and the person never really looks like the photos they put on their profile. I pretty much gave up on the whole thing a few years back.It ended with the following observation: For women, the problem isn't usually "too little attention."They get hit on all the time, whereas guys are pretty much flakes when it comes to dealing with each other. It seems like so many people on there are out of control sexually, living promiscuous, non-selective sex lives.

I've never ever met a guy I've spoken to on Grindr because I know what it's about. I meet cool dudes on there all the time for hookups, or just to chill and maybe smoke. However, I do love all the attention and comments I get by having G-rated pics on the site. Sure, they're all ages, but they could all be brothers, they're so physically similar. If they send more than "Hi" and their profile doesn't say "Looking to make you cum inside me" or anything grossly forward like that, I'll chat back. When I was in college, it was only older (50 ) overweight (300lbs ) black me who ever hit on me. I even worked up the courage to hit on a guy once, and he shot me down instantly with "Sorry, I only date older black men". I'm kind of surprised that the dozen or so chats have all come from such a homogenous looking group. So maybe I'm a jerk for not responding to most of them.Last Sunday we visited the Fredricksburg Trade Days (flea) Market, where I met Harvey Gann, an amazing 97-year-old war hero. WE’VE BECOME FRIENDS with some of our neighbors, which has made our little plot of land in a pecan orchard even more like home. Gail took a bad fall late Thursday afternoon, slamming her head on concrete. The third edition of Mike Sokol’s fabulous RV Electricity Newsletter will be officially published tomorrow.

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